11 NOV 2014

Designed for the Aussie weather, AKAI reverse cycle split system air conditioners are to be sold exclusively at the DIY retailer, from this week.

This generation of AC's have two new features - 3D Air System, which is an anti bacterial filtration system for the home, and inverters on both the compressor and main unit (there's three in total), which lowers energy use and are quieter.

The new line has AC's for home or the workplace. There are eco friendly, premium and standard models.

The Inverters are also invisible - the "Invisible Display" indoor panel, illuminates only when the air conditioner is powered on, disappearing when the unit is off.

Models start from 2.3kW up to 6.9kW and can be wall mounted or standing. Prices at $599 - $1299.

The triple filtration system purifies the home via: "Titan Gold Technology" that keeps both the condenser/evaporator clear of any dust & bacteria build up and extends life of the unit up to 8 years; Active carbon filter extracts the pollen from the air and odours; Cold Plasma Air Purifying cleans out microscopic containments.

The AKAI range includes a 4 star super energy efficient 2.3kW/2.6kW model, promising a 16% reduction in energy consumption.

The full range of AKAI reverse cycle air conditioners are available at Bunnings, who have been selling popular AKAI AC's for three years.